Friday, December 31, 2010

NY Blues

I was staring on the sky.
Gazing at somebody else's fireworks.
Imagining how 2010 might be.

A going strong relationship.
A new experience in terms of leadership.
A revenge to my academics.
A slimmer body, a healthier living.

Tonight I am staring at the same sky.
Still gazing at somebody else's fireworks.
Imagining how 2010 turned out be.
Amidst all the prayers and the dreams,
Everything turned out differently,
Yet I am sure that now I'm contented and happy.

Later I will be staring at the same sky.
Will be gazing at somebody else's fireworks.
Imagining how my 2011 might be.

Monday, December 27, 2010


A little flashback on my 2010 :)

The Debut

The year started with a bang! Partied with relatives and friends. Went to La Mesa Eco Park and Star City with my batchmates. All of these to celebrate my 18th birthday.

UP Fair

Yesthursday with Agupips! Fun and sweet! Loved Parokya ni Edgar!

Nyny's Debut

1920's. Danced Tanggo and Can-Can. Cheesy.

Fil40 immersion

I just love kids! Had a short program, performed a skit and prepared some books for our Immersion at Obando, Bulacan the day after Nyny's debut.

The Defeat and Victory

Almost won on the first election. Lost on the final election for the UP Aguman's next Educ Chair. Then after a week, I ran for Sanlahi's EdRes Vice Chair and won. So much for my political career!

The Controversial Summer that led to the Break Up

Enough said. Haha!

ACLE and Tagisanlahi

First events that were headed by me. New people to work with. New experiences and learnings on leadership and teamwork.

Falling in love again

Once a friend, now my corny, gay, and sleepy boyfriend. Haha!

This year was full of ups and downs. A lot of issues confronted me and the people close to me. Glad those were over! I think I'm better now and more matured. Thanks for the experiences that shaped me and made me a stronger person. I enjoyed the company of a lot of people, met a lot of new friends and reconnected with old friends. Thanks to all of them. :)

Looking forward to more experiences and learnings next year. :)

Gusto Ko Ikaw

Gusto kitang intindihin.
Gusto kitang pagpasensyahan.
Gusto kong matanggap ko na ganyan ka.
Gusto kong matanggap na ganito ang sitwasyon at hindi ang ninais at pinangarap ko.
Gusto kong makiayon sa mga hilig at trip mo.
Gusto kong makiayon sa tingin mo sa mundo.
Gusto kong magets ang bawat hirit at joke mo.
Gusto kong magets ang personalidad mo.
Gusto kong paniwalaan ang bawat salita na sinasabi mo.
Gusto kong paniwalaan na tutuparin mo ang mga salitang iyon.
Gusto kong magbago sa paraang gusto mo.
Gusto kong magbago upang magustuhan mo.
Gusto kong nandito ka ngayon sa tabi ko.

Monday, December 20, 2010

An Ode to the Guy Who Called Me Stupid

Back then,
I only knew you as the guy who filled his avatar on my sigsheet with a blast of colors,
as someone who draws cars and landscapes on the logbook,
as someone who they tease to someone (labo lang XD),
I barely knew you.
I barely even talked to you.

But there came a circumstance that made me admire you a lot,
I was then checking on somebody else's facebook,
Looking for some information and insights on things that messed up our lives that time (and yes, I've read them all),
I saw your message,
You have asked the questions I have been longing to ask.
You have presented the side of the story that he never listened to.
We aren't close then.
We just had a quick chat about the whole fiasco.
Not a heart-to-heart one. Not a conversation that made me spill my emotions.
But still, you talked to him as if we were really close.
You expressed your thoughts like you are a priest XD

After the breakup, that's when we got close.
I've lost a close friend, but I know I've gained another one.
We are now part of the same circle.
You called me fat, slow, even stupid.
You even wrote a song about me being a loner.
I never heard you compliment me.
But I believe we have a friendship that is way beyond all the teasing.

I am sorry for that time when I didn't accompany you.
I was shallow and thought it wouldn't be a great of a deal.
I'm glad we've passed through that.

I was supposed to write about Christmas spirit.
But then you handed me last night something I've been craving for.
And maybe this is just my way of thanking you.
Thanking you for everything. :D

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