Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love Actually

Maybe it's a little bit too much.
Especially for someone who wanted some closure.
Sounds a getting back together meet up to me.
But who am I really to judge?

At one time everything is perfect.
Then just one big mistake it will transform into a predicament.
You wanted it to be forever.
But situations predict otherwise.
Yesterday, you were so furious and angry and frustrated.
Now, you're the hopeless romantic.
That I've never seen before.

There are so many things I do not understand.
The intricacies of love, fate and relationships.
You keep on trying not to mess things up.
The next day you find yourself reflecting on what went wrong.
Kinda makes me sad when long relationships come to an end.
How about ours? Will it also turn into a bitter end?

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