Saturday, November 27, 2010

Something, Somewhere, Someone

It's not that surprising.
It's not something I only thought overnight.
And I know it's not something that everyone would agree with.
But hopefully it's not something I'll be regretting.

"Bakit siya ilang months pa lang sinagot mo na, eh si ano ang tagal mong nakasama hindi mo sinagot?"
Two of my close friends asked me this upon hearing, or perhaps reading that news.
I do not know.
I can't really answer that question directly.

Siguro nga wala sa oras yan.
Wala sa tagal ng panahon na nakasama mo yung tao.

"Mas may chemistry kayo.."
"Mas bagay kayo. Alam kong hindi ka niya sasaktan..."

I remember these side comments from some orgmates after the tribute.
The event that started these all.

I can say that ours really had friendship as the relationship's foundation.
I don't have to pretend to be like somebody else when I'm with him.
I do not need to ask him what he feels for me because he says it outright and makes me feel it. I don't have to make the first move.
I can feel myself melting when he's staring at me.
I can say anything that bothers me without any hesitation.
He is sensitive of what I feel, what I want or need.
He loves me more than his pride and ego.
He is always there.
He trusts me.
He loves me.

To answer their question: the key is effort. :)

let's just be happy for each other :D


A loser? A scheming bitch?
What else do you want to call me?
or what else do you want from me?
If you have anything negative to say, say it in front of me okay?
Anyway, what's more to lose right?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I shall and I shall not

I shall not stalk.

I shall not let other people bring me down.

I shall not let other people judge me.

I shall not get affected with anything that isn't true.

I shall not regret any past decision or action that I know made me smile.

I shall not speak ill of any person.

Instead, I shall be appreciative of the people who truly love and know me.

I shall study very hard and pass all my subjects.

I shall reward myself of a out of town vacation on summer.

I shall watch Harry Potter 7 Part II next year.

I shall watch Chronicles of Narnia next month. :D

I shall think of a great gift to give this Christmas.

I shall try to restore broken friendships for the spirit of Christmas.

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