Sunday, November 21, 2010

I shall and I shall not

I shall not stalk.

I shall not let other people bring me down.

I shall not let other people judge me.

I shall not get affected with anything that isn't true.

I shall not regret any past decision or action that I know made me smile.

I shall not speak ill of any person.

Instead, I shall be appreciative of the people who truly love and know me.

I shall study very hard and pass all my subjects.

I shall reward myself of a out of town vacation on summer.

I shall watch Harry Potter 7 Part II next year.

I shall watch Chronicles of Narnia next month. :D

I shall think of a great gift to give this Christmas.

I shall try to restore broken friendships for the spirit of Christmas.


jrldizon said...

Thou shall give that great gift to me! Haha!

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