Saturday, October 30, 2010

Almost Perfect

Today is an almost perfect day.


It was like playing for the Pautakan team again.

It was during our batch when SSA didn't make it to the Top 5. We were in sixth place. So close yet so far away.

I felt the tension, the apprehension and the excitement as every question in the Final Encounter is being read.

The members were not close to me. Some I only knew by name. But even though this was the case, I was their silent cheerer.

I am proud to be Kulasa and an Aguman member!

After two years, hindi ako ang nagSTS sa St. Scho. Maybe that added to their luck. Haha!


You called my name awhile ago like nothing has changed, like nothing has happened.

While I was approaching you, it was like my heart has forgotten all the pain and I eagerly told you the current state of the team that once brought us closer together.

You are my best friend. But I may not be yours.

What happened awhile ago might be a good start in rebuilding our friendship.


You make me happy.

You may not be sweet, or touchy, or a gentleman but you make me feel loved and appreciated.

You may have always made fun and complain on how I look but you stare at me like I'm the prettiest person alive.

I do not owe anybody an explanation on how this has started and reached this point.

I am happy when I'm with you and I'm lucky to have you.

And I believe this is what we both deserve. <3

Thank you for the sumptuous dinner and for spoiling me. Haha! I really love the fish fillet and sylvannas and the seafood rice. Looking forward to our next food trips. :p


It was about to write how perfect this day is. Then my laptop couldn't detect any wireless connection so I got frustrated.

An almost perfect day! :)


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