Saturday, January 22, 2011

Useless Rants

You never seem to like me, or to understand me at the very least.
I do not know. Is it me being too serious? too geeky perhaps? or just being too quiet?
Can this be traced back when you hated me for being in your pictures when we were children? You writing a letter how terrible I am as a kid because of that. That's just too painful that it can't be erased from my memory.

I shouldn't be acting like this.

Wow, you all belong in one Facebook group, yeah, including those people who shouldn't really belong there. And me? not invited.

You set up a dinner at McDonald's awhile ago. Facebook posts. And again, not tagged, not included, not even invited by you. My parents were persuading me to come. Sabi ko "hindi naman ako nainvite, bakit ako pupunta?". Mabuti pa ang mga ka-on niyo kasama, akong dapat nandyan hindi nyo man naimbita. Haha. Hindi ba't ang pinagpaalam niyo, lakad ng magpipinsan yan? Hahahaha. I was about to reveal something to my parents something but I just held my mouth shut. You people may have hated me more.

Child-like? Maybe yes. But I just really feel bad about this.

Whatever I've done to you, I do not know. I tried reaching out but you just make me out of place when we are all together.

I know I should say this to you directly and personally.
Maybe at the right time and at the right place.
For now, these will remain to be rants, useless rants.


Just like what I told you earlier, if it weren't for you, I will still be the girl who throws tantrums at the tambayan, ranting and crying my heart out. However senseless or meaningful my thoughts are, I know I've got you to listen to them. Thank you for that.

"Cause when I think of you, I don't feel so alone, I don't feel so alone"

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