Friday, February 25, 2011

An Ode to Pare

Once upon a time I was asked by a close friend if we were romantically involved.
We were somewhat close then.
But I didn't like you, in the romantic sense. I loved you as a friend. Somebody else had a special attraction with you, your music and your hair that she described as very likely to a coconut husk. She is my best friend in our class.
Remember Ma'm Zom's question for bonus? Who is your crush in your class? Haha. You were my closest guy friend there, but that doesn't answer the question. I wrote the name of my crush, the Bicycle Guy. My best friend wrote his name also. But I know she was only shy to write your name.

3 sems later we were classmates again in Math. I often ridicule you for that was already your second take and we almost have similar scores in exams.
When we walk back to AS from Math, you would always talk about your ROTC training, the guns you handle and your girl crushes. Haha.

Now we are partners in another subject. Closer than ever.
Although it looks like I joke about your not so good love life, I have always admired your sweet gestures and efforts for this woman you liked. I just hope everybody would possess that perseverance. Corny yet very sweet. You'll find the right one for you. Just wait.

I am happy with our circle of friends, makes me appreciate my course even more. Haha. I hope we graduate on time. Haha!

Happy Birthday Pare!


We're halfway through. I know we'll make it. We'll put an end to that curse. I believe in the power of love and in us. :)

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