Tuesday, May 10, 2011


One of my final requirements for my PanPil12 class is to gather all my past facebook statuses and make a poem out of them, with very minimal editing. Well, this is the end product.


This is too much to take..
Maybe you are right. i just had enough of you...
Kung may problema, pwede naman nating pagusapan di ba?
Or maybe that was too much to ask..

Saan na napunta yung sinasabi nilang "chemistry" nating dalawa?
Why am i getting the feeling that i'm not yet enough for you?
Will it always be so close yet so far away?
I thought it was real, then i woke up and realized that it was just a dream..

This time i don't think i'll take the risk
It's kinda hard giving up when I invested so much. but enough is enough
Ayoko na. Lagi na lang ganyan.
Hindi ko gusto ang mga nangyayari pero parang wala nman akong magagawa..

It has been a year.
Why am i feeling this way again? this shouldn't be.
Sinanay mo kasi ako eh, yan tuloy...
Past is past. wag na lang magpaapekto.

Get over it.
Mind your own business. Enough with messing my life.
If it's meant to be, it will be.
Kung tayo, tayo talaga.


well, some lines don't perfectly fit. it's hard you know. haha.

While I was retrieving my past fb statuses, I realized how sentimental I can get when I post them. Parang may gustong patamaan talaga. I can't help but reminisce the stories behind these. There I realized the reason why it all went wrong and how it eventually worked out for everyone. :)

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