Friday, August 20, 2010

Mind Your Own Business

Meron na naman bang bago?
Silang hindi naman apektado
Pati buhay ng may buhay
Kanilang kinakalaykay

You do not know me.
You do not know what happened and what is currently happening.
You do not know how I felt and what I am feeling.
I'm hurt and still hurting.
Your words behind my back are really offending.

At pag tingin mo sa kaliwa, paninira pa rin sa kapwa
Ng mga kalalakihang makakati rin ang dila
Kahit sa tawa’y mamilipit, tuloy pa rin sa panlalait
Akala mo’y may nakamit mga tsismosong dahil sa inggit

And what do you get from all of these?
Talking about personal matters of your colleagues.
Does it give you enough entertainment or satisfaction?
Your values and virtues may have gone someplace.
Difficulties that are not really your business
Your loud whispers only cause a bigger mess.

Kaya mag ingat ka pag sila’y iyong nakita
Ngumiti kang pang-famas ng di ka ma-broadcast bukas

Stop muddling with my personal life.
I seriously had enough strife.
Don't judge me as if you know me.
As if you are beside me when everything is occurring.
Tell me your thoughts, ask questions.
Allow me to defend myself and give necessary clarifications.
It has to be me who should do the explaining.
Not another individual who is unwitting.

You don't know me.
And lucky you, I chose not to know your name.
It's not you I want to condemn.
But your unnecessary habit to tattletale.
Shut up if you have nothing good to say.
Show some respect and have a little faith.


potografo said...

kaba na. haha

Neicy said...

this is a really powerful post coming from you, babbers. hugs and i hope everything turns out to be alright.

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