Monday, December 27, 2010


A little flashback on my 2010 :)

The Debut

The year started with a bang! Partied with relatives and friends. Went to La Mesa Eco Park and Star City with my batchmates. All of these to celebrate my 18th birthday.

UP Fair

Yesthursday with Agupips! Fun and sweet! Loved Parokya ni Edgar!

Nyny's Debut

1920's. Danced Tanggo and Can-Can. Cheesy.

Fil40 immersion

I just love kids! Had a short program, performed a skit and prepared some books for our Immersion at Obando, Bulacan the day after Nyny's debut.

The Defeat and Victory

Almost won on the first election. Lost on the final election for the UP Aguman's next Educ Chair. Then after a week, I ran for Sanlahi's EdRes Vice Chair and won. So much for my political career!

The Controversial Summer that led to the Break Up

Enough said. Haha!

ACLE and Tagisanlahi

First events that were headed by me. New people to work with. New experiences and learnings on leadership and teamwork.

Falling in love again

Once a friend, now my corny, gay, and sleepy boyfriend. Haha!

This year was full of ups and downs. A lot of issues confronted me and the people close to me. Glad those were over! I think I'm better now and more matured. Thanks for the experiences that shaped me and made me a stronger person. I enjoyed the company of a lot of people, met a lot of new friends and reconnected with old friends. Thanks to all of them. :)

Looking forward to more experiences and learnings next year. :)


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