Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cheddar Cheese and Corn

Di baleng maghapon na umulan basta ikaw ang sasandalan

I remembered myself comparing the concept of walking in the rain with my experience as an officer before, that I have written for an English class. I'll quote, "Walking in the rain can be romantic. Two persons under the same umbrella indicate that they will be there for each other despite the harsh rain." Now you can call me corny or cheesy.

We walked and walked and walked,
Waiting and praying for the rain to pour,
We wanted to dance together as heaven sprinkles water,
Hopeless romantics as we truly are.

Liwanag ng lumulubog na araw kay sarap pagmasdan,
lalo na kapag nasisinagan ang iyong mukha.

Watching the sun as it slowly hides itself is something I wanted to do with a special someone. Well, sunsets happen everyday. But observing it with someone important to you can really make this experience extraordinary. Suddenly, you will begin to appreciate the blending of colors in the sky, the smell of the sea, the warmth of the ambiance. Lean your head towards that person. No words needed. It will be breathtaking.

As the time ticks and the sun will soon be away,
I'm sitting beside you with no words to say,
You're composing a poem as we end the day,
I'll be here for you, come what may.

Ayoko nang magsawa, hinding hindi magsasawa sa iyo
Kaya't wag magtataka, kung bakit ayaw kitang mawala.

Till death do us part says a couple during their wedding. I get touched everytime I see an old husband with his old wife still sweet to each other. The smiles in their lips show how much they have been contented and happy with the life they've spent together. I hope to find someone who I will share the rest of my life with. We will build a house in a vast lot. Have a car. We will have a family of our own. Raise children and have grandchildren. Then the children will have their own families and I will still have my husband with me, still sweet and romantic even if white hair dominated our scalps and the smoothness of our skin has already gone.

We promised ourselves to be together forever,
Fulfilling our own ambitions and pleasures,
Inspiring one another to strive and work harder,
Investing for our future life having each other.


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