Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Purple Glittery Box

As I am in search of an important document,
I caught a glimpse of a box under my cabinet,
A container full of stuffs and memories,
A box that was given with love that was not suppose to cease,

There are various things inside,
Each with a special meaning behind,
A Hannah Montana pen, a shirt, a small bag,
A rosary and a mind game to brag.

Contained is a baller that shouts I love him,
A material that testified a feeling so firm,
The proof of commitment that I once shared with him,
That we will be with each other through thick and thin.

Contained is a CD with a movie and a letter,
Words that I always read to make me feel better,
A movie that showed a number of pictures,
Accompanied by a song of the story we had together.

For a while, this container meant a lot to me,
The material evidence of our two year love story,
Now it is a mere box that I prefer not to see,
Hidden under my cabinet and buried in my memory.


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