Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Piattos Green

We've known each other for almost half of our lives.

Played patintero,piko and jackstone during recess breaks,
Ran around the school premises because of 2 girls chasing us,
Comforted each other as we shared our family concerns,
Wore tanod-like vests during the press conferences,
Ate sugo during our Pautakan reviews sessions,
Teased my skin color and lack of taste,
Laughed at my fail moments,
Cried because of the guys who broke our hearts.

We did many things together, not just these things I have mentioned.

You were my opposite. You're pretty, full of confidence, stylish and courageous. You are frank and you stand and speak up for what you believe in. You're a bookworm. You're very sociable and outgoing. People love your uniqueness, your charm and your charisma.

I do not know how we got along very well. We even considered ourselves as best friends.

But time had brought us apart.
I do not know how and I do not know why we have allowed that to happen.
We missed so many happenings already.
And telling me to just stay this way when I'm ready to reach out again was really heartbreaking.
It's the hardest thing that I have to accept.
This is more difficult to handle than a break-up.

Because that's you.

You're special and I love you.

I know you are happy now with the people you hang out with and the guy you are with.
I'm also contented with the set of friends I have now. But I won't be pleading to you, I think what's important to me is to know that you are happy.

I just miss you very much.


nic said...

"we used to be so close
now we can't even get a word
across our increasing distances"

know exactly how it feels. :( hugs, abi.

jEnNy-aHardHatArea said...


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