Thursday, July 15, 2010

Of Coincidence, Fate and the One

It’s all pure coincidence. I believe in coincidences, but I do not think there are things that are really meant to happen. This is not a profound discussion on destiny or fate or coincidences. Maybe I just want to express the feelings and experiences I had with these three concepts, however they may seem to be different or the same.

Life is full of what if’s. What if I had a different set of parents? What if I joined a different set of friends? What if I haven't met you? Will life still be as happy as it is today?

Some people believe in signs. They let these signs help them in decision making. A simple example to this is a common practice is tossing a coin. We associate a certain decision to the tail and another to the head. Should I talk to him? Should I court her? Should I apply in this type of job? Is this the right path to take? Is he the one? Remember what we do with the flowers we pick in our gardens? He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me.

Life is a series of decisions. I think that is more realistic to say. Every day in our lives we have to choose one thing over another. Sacrifice one for another.

One of my favorite fan pages in Facebook says "Kung tayo, tayo talaga." For some reason I actually believe it. I have even said it personally before to someone. But I guess we can't just let fate or destiny bring to people back together, that is if they still want to be together. Some actions must be done for this to happen. Decisions have to made as well.

Sometimes, I wish that there will be someone to invent a machine or contraption that will determine whether or not this person is already “the one” or not. This is to avoid any heartache to happen, no more suicides due to love quarrels, no more emo people in this world. But no, I do not think that is possible. Even relationships that are only ended by death undergo these obstacles and these problems make the couple stronger. This applies not only on romantic relationships but also in friendships and family relationships. Each elimination round we take in this search for the right one is a risk that should be taken. Every yes and no provides a different set of possibilities and of new endeavors.

Whatever fate, destiny or serendipity talk about, everything that happens within us are products of decisions made by only one person, our own self. There is nobody else to blame, not even God. The coincidences we encounter are also results of different risks we choose to take, no matter how small or big they are.


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